7-12 2024

Sync Error 0xE0000007 Might Be No Error at All

A OneNote developer revealed astonishing information on the common sync error 0xE0000007.

While there is no common solution for many sync errors on all OneNote versions because there are too many variables in play, there is news about the specific error 0xE0000007. As far as I know, it only says that the server is not responding. I experienced this error (in my case mainly on a Mac) myself several times and noticed something strange: Despite the error being displayed, all recent changed to the notebook seem to have gotten perfectly synchronized with OneDrive.

Now nickandre15, a user on the OneNote area on Reddit and apparently Nicholas Andre, a former member of the OneNote developers team, shed some light on this strange behavior. He says:

“E0000007 usually means “the server hiccuped.” We cache error codes for a period of time, which is why it hangs around. You should be able to ignore it (we’re discussing just hiding that error code)”

In another post he said:

“What happens is that if there’s a problem (like we got disconnected while trying to sync) we display that error for about 30 minutes. The error doesn’t imply that you aren’t synced, just that the last time it tried to connect to the server it had a problem. We are working on making this process less painful. You can always click “Sync Now” which should restart sync and bring you up to date and clear that error.”


Interesting. This reminds me somewhat of the error “cache” of modern car electronics. A warning light in the dashboard sometimes(!) only indicates a short “Hiccup” in the ignition or a bad contact in an airbag sensor. Although there is no fault anymore, the error memory has to be reset.

(Sorry, the screenshot op top shows the German version of MacOS. I could not reproduce the error lately to create a new screenshot. But I think you get the point)


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  1. The problem is, whThe problem is, whenever I get that error, it corrupts my note in a manner much like this message.

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