10-7 2022

Stefan Wischner

OneNote: The Beginning

Did you know that OneNote was about to get called “Scribbler” at first? An old blog article by Chris Pratley, the mind behind OneNote, tells the story of its beginning.

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OneNote Web Clipper Now Open Source

The OneNote team at Microsoft takes a surprising step forward with the Web Clipper: From now on, it is open source. The code is visible to everyone and ambitious programmers may take part in the development.

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The free version of OneNote 2016

Since early 2014 Microsoft is offering a free download of OneNote, at first OneNote 2013, now OneNote 2016. Is it really the full OneNote 2016? And why is the Microsoft website telling me I already got it?

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Cloudless: OneNote Without OneDrive?

Almost all existing OneNote versions require your notebooks to be stored in a Microsoft cloud service, namely OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. Is there a way to bypass that restriction?

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OneNote and Dropbox or Google Drive: Don’t!

If you do not want to store your OneNote notebooks on OneDrive but use Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or a similar cloud storage service instead you might attempt to save your OneNote files in the corresponding local sync folder. Not a good idea.

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