6-17 2024

Welcome to the OneNote-Blog

Almost five years after I launched the German OneNote-Blog here finally comes its English counterpart.

In 2013 I published my first book about OneNote in German and had the idea to accompany it with a blog to inform about recent patches and changes to OneNote. The German Onenote-Blog was born. It soon expanded to a sort of online magazine about OneNote with tips, news and background info on all OneNote versions.

About one year ago I published my tip collection “OneNote Secrets” together with Marjolein Hoekstra, OneNote MVP, and a dear friend, in English language. Since then she (and a lot of readers and followers of her OneNote Central Twitter channel @OneNoteC) tried to persuade me to do an English version of the blog as well or at least translate the best articles on it.

Well, here it is.

If you compare this blog to its German counterpart you will notice that a lot of articles are missing. Why is that? Well, for once I found out, that lots of posts on the German blog are yesterday’s news. It would not make much sense to repost introductions of long-forgotten OneNote updates or news about Microsoft’s past announcements. Also, there are articles that I would write differently today than two or three years ago. So I am planning to rewrite them and publish them here soon. Last, I just underestimated the amount of work to not only translate all those articles but also set up an English environment for all OneNote versions and recreate all screenshots with English user interfaces and content.

So I decided to start the English blog with a selection of more recent and/or important topics and articles and subsequently translate and publish more of the German articles over the next few weeks.

From now on every article I am going to publish on the German blog will immediately appear in English here too. Promised.

What to expect from this blog?

Like on its German counterpart you may expect to find a constantly growing collection of articles about OneNote (mostly for Windows, but occasionally also about OneNote for MacOS or iOS) containing tips, how-to’s, background information, update news and from time to time a personal comment about OneNote or Microsoft.

While I am a OneNote MVP (Microsoft’s way to recognize users that help other users with their products by support in forums, publishing books or similar contributions), I am not related to or employed by Microsoft in any way.

More so, I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years and still am. As such I am trying to be as objective as possible (despite being a OneNote fan). At times I tend to be rather critical about the program, Microsoft’s product policy or the implementation of new features. My main goal is to help and inform, not to praise OneNote or advertise it in any way. I have received a lot of positive feedback for this in the past from my German readers and I have no intention to change my attitude on the English blog.

I want this blog to constantly improve and I need your help for that. While improving my English is my personal challenge, improving the blog content requires feedback from you. I’d love to receive your comments, critics or suggestions. You may use the comment function below all posts, the contact form (“Contact” menu at the top) or write me to onenote-blog(at)outlook.com (please replace the (at) with @. Spambots, you know…).


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